Strategie Digitali proposals for BILT Europe 2019

Strategie Digitali proposals for BILT Europe 2019

Dear All,

It’s already that time of the year! Proposals deadline for BILT Europe 2019 ends tomorrow, did you manage to submit your proposals? I did, and here are my proposals:

Generative Design for the rest of Us

Generative Design isn’t a new concept anymore. In the last years, we saw the rise of different approaches and tools. We all know that is possible to apply it on a project, but the question remains: is it possible for all of Us? Come to this Lab to find out! Co-speaker Antonio Rusconi

Get a Cover! Computational BIM for the Building Envelope

The act of modeling of building facade may seem easy in Revit but choosing the right technique is tricky. Find how many ways there are to manage the modeling in Revit and Dynamo. Learn how to choose the strategy that fits for the right purpose, model use, and design stage.

Make It, Code It or Buy it! Computational BIM: a managerial point of view

Computational BIM Techniques are gaining increasing prominence in offices. Nowadays they are becoming indispensable tools, even for medium and small BIM offices, in order to stay competitive on the market. In this class, you will learn how to deal with computational BIM from a management and business point of view.

Fast and Explosive or Slow and Consistent: BIM implementation strategies

Everybody wants to reach a full BIM Implementation in his office, in the most efficient and least traumatic way. Is it better to do it in a fast pace or a slow one? Learn about two different but successful approaches and choose the right one for your office. c0-speaker. Giacomo Bergonzoni


BILT is one of the most relevant conferences in our industry and the best place to keep yourself updated, learn new thing and make some new friends that share the same passion for digital technologies, on top of that this year will take place in Scottland, that means, great landscapes, castles, and great beer and whiskey…. Can you miss it? I don’t think so.


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