Strategie Digitali goes to BILT Europe 11-13 October 2018 ! Session preview: the BIM Leading Consultant

Strategie Digitali goes to BILT Europe! Session preview: the BIM Leading Consultant

Strategie Digitali goes to BILT Europe! Can’t wait to be in Ljubljana next week!


I’m sure it will be a great conference with a schedule full of great speakers. I will be there and I’m more than happy to be able to speak about a topic I care a lot about. Starting from a 9.00 am, Saturday 13 October 2018, i will tackle the duties and responsibilities of the BIM Leading Consultant.

The BIM Leading Consultant

The BIM Leading Consultant is a necessary role in every BIM process. Is the subject in charge of leading the BIM process, and usually this role is run in conjunction with the Design Lead Role. Even if there are some clear advantages in having the design process and the BIM process managed by the same consultant, the activities, duties and skills required are different. This class will explore all the additional activities a Design Lead consultant is needed to perform when is also leading the BIM process. In the process we will take a closer look on how to set up a BIM Execution plan, both in the pre-contract and in the post-contract version. We will see how to manage consultants when they get on board and how to deal with their absence. We will check the activities and duties to perform and the beginning and end of every stage. Having one consultant running both roles, is always efficient or sometimes can create troubles to the process?

In the end we will compare two different approaches for the BIM Leading Role. Is more convenient to have the Desing Lead taking care of it or is more advisable to have a third party consultant taking care of it? Is the Design Lead always capable to be the BIM Leading Consultant? and even if is capable it’s always convenient to pair the two roles? come to visit us if you want to know more about! 

See you in Ljubljana!

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