BILT ASIA – S3.2 Adapt of Die Lab – Teaser 1

BILT ASIA – S3.2 Adapt of Die Lab – Teaser 1

BILT ASIA – S3.2 Adapt of Die Lab – Teaser 1

Dear All,

Chiara and I will be in Singapore in a couple off weeks. We are really happy of being back: BILT ASIA 2017 was great and we can’t wait to be back to that great learning experience. We are also really happy of being back to the Marina bay pool and to that Delicious Singaporean food …. but let’s stay focused.  Here it’s possible to find the complete programme of the event.

We will teach in two classes: the first one is a strategic class about the roles and the duties of a Design Lead Consultant in the BIM Era. It is named Taking the Highest Challenge in the Collaborative Process: The BIM Leading Consultant.

For the second one, we will speak on a completely different topic: we will hold a Laboratory on the usage of Adaptive Components in Revit. It’s named: Adapt or Die: Clever Ways to Exploit Adaptive Components for Your Everyday Design. Adaptive components were introduced in 2011 as an evolution of the pattern based curtain panels. For a long time they have been one of the best ways – if not the only – to create, evaluate and communicate complex adaptive geometries in Revit.  Nowadays there are many other tools that are into the play to deliver the same task, but adaptive components are still one of the tools any designer should able to manage in order to consider himself proficient in Revit.


During the lab we will explain how to model an Adaptive Component from scratch and we will showcase several examples on how to extract buildability data from adaptive components. On top of that we will explore how to create complex geometry systems, like an attractor-driven panelling. Here you can see a teaser.


See you soon all in Singapore, People!

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